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Hosted by 3D Asset Management, we bring you innovative ideas from investment professionals and practice and business management leaders.  Check back often to hear from fellow financial advisors talk about what is working for them; service providers describing best of breed technology, product and practice solutions; as well as, economists, portfolio managers, analysts and investment product specialists from all ends of the industry spectrum, from mega global managers to small but innovative boutique firms.


Mar 21, 2018

In this episode, Ben Lavine and our guest Justin Sibears will discuss an article published by Justin in August 2017 titled “Impact of High Equity Valuations on Safe Retirement Withdrawal Rates.” They will focus on how a common retirement income strategy adopted by many financial advisors, the so-called 4% systematic withdrawal approach, is at risk of not meeting retirement income goals assuming a more muted outlook for U.S. stock and bond returns.